What if I need financial assistance while waiting for E.I. payment?

While waiting for your 28 days of E.I. processing wait time, it sometimes is financially difficult to many people. Unfortunately, there is not many ways for E.I. processing to speed up your application process within their promised processing time frame. This is the reason why some people have to rely on social services for immediate financial assistance.

In province of Ontario, social service programs are delivered through Ministry of Community and Social Services. Ontario Works program can be access online, by phone or in person.

While waiting for the 28 days (about 1 month) E.I. processing wait time, it can be financially very challenging to many people. It is why some people may have to get in touch with Ontario Work for immediate financial assistance. OW will ask you to fill an Assignment of Benefits form where once your E.I. claim has been finalized, the first few weeks payment will be paying back OW, then you will be back on E.I. benefit. If your E.I. benefits payment are less than the amount you receive on OW, you might be able to continue to get some OW benefits to make up the difference.

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