How annoying it is to call Employment Insurance call centre only to find out their line is too busy that either you get busy tone or got disconnected. The trick is to keep calling with your phone’s redial button. Once you get connected and hear the automated message, press “0” right away (may need to press 0 twice) to get connected to call centre agent.  If the message says that the call volume is too high and they are unable to connect you yet, don’t hang-up yet. All you need to do is to press number “1” on your phone keypad to refresh the call, then press “0” again. Keep repeating the step until you hear the message asking you to wait.

*** After Christmas Holidays the call volume will be extremely high and callers may experience very long wait time (over 45min) and sometimes the call may be disconnected.

Usually they will play music while waiting. If you don’t hear any music, that might be another sign of not being connected properly. Then you need to hang-up and re-dial again.

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