EI payment is issued out every 2 weeks after you have completed your online EI report. In the situation where you are ask to complete a manual report, you will only get your payment after the paper report is received and processed at EI processing office.

Keep in mind that EI will only pay out when you completed your report. So, the idea is like you have to complete your homework in order to get your grades. Once the online report is completed, it will take about 2 business days for payment to be deposited in your bank (if you have used the direct deposit option). If not, you will have to wait for Canada Post to deliver your government cheque to your address and it may take up to a week to receive.

EI does not pay your 2 weeks in advance. Your bi-weekly EI benefits payment is to cover for your past 2 weeks of job search activities. If you have worked during that past 2 weeks, you must declare your gross earning in your report (total worked hours x your hourly wage). Your EI benefits will be less due to earning deduction. Later when you received your actual salary, you don’t have to declare anymore because you have done so already.