When should I apply my E.I. if I received a severance package from my company?

If you have received a severance package, make sure you know if it’s a lump sum payment or you are on salary continuance.

In a situation where you received a lump sum payment, you will most likely receive your ROE at the time of your job separation. All separation monies (e.g. vacation pay, severance pay, bonus, etc.) will be recorded on your ROE. You must apply your E.I. benefit right away. E.I. processing will take the total monies you received upon separate, then divided by your average weekly income, then to come up with a number of weeks to delay the starting week of your E.I. benefit.

If you received salary continuance, which means you are still on company’s payroll until future date, you will not receive any ROE until the end of salary continuance. Therefore, you are technically still employed. You don’t need to apply your E.I. benefit right away. You can fill your E.I. application online after your salary continuance ends.


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