Every beginning of the year, Service Canada will issue your previous calendar year’s T4E for your EI benefits paid up to December 31st (Cut-off date).  This slip must be filed with your income tax return for that tax year. The T4E indicates the gross amount of benefits paid, the income tax deducted and the amount paid toward an overpayment (if applicable).

What is my E.I. payment was delayed to 2018?

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, your entitled EI weekly payment in 2017 is paid in a lump sum payment in 2018. In this situation, you will not receive a T4E for 2017 because no payment was physically issue in that year. This amount will then reflect on your 2018 T4E. Statement of Qualifying Retroactive Lump Sum Payment (T1198) is the form to request this lump sum amount to be tax against the prior year as if you received them in that year. CRA will not reassess your return for the prior year.

Download: Statement of Qualifying Retroactive Lump Sum Payment (T1198) (external link to CRA)

Request a paper copy

It is strongly recommended that you access your My Service Canada Account to view and print a copy of your T4E. You may do so as early as February 1st. Another option is to request your T4E through the mail. All T4Es for taxation year 2017 will be issued by February 28, 2018. If you do not receive your T4E by this date or would like to dispute an information on your T4E, please call Service Canada’s telephone information service at 1 800 206-7218 “press 0” from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm or go to your nearest Service Canada Centre to request a duplicate T4E.

To learn more about T4E, you may visit Service Canada website. Learn more