How to register your E.I. online account
== My Service Canada Account ==

Once you have applied for your E.I. benefit and have received your Access Code letter by mail, you can now register your E.I. online account called My Service Canada Account (MSCA). There are 2 ways to register. Either through your online banking profile (aka Sign-In Partners) or username registration. It will ask you to create several security questions. It takes about 10-20 min to complete your registration. MSCA allows your to

1) print your electronic ROE and T4E
2) change/modify direct deposit banking information
3) update your home address
4) view your E.I. current and past claim information
5) complete E-form (e. g. going outside of Canada, etc)

6) view CPP contribution information
7) complete E.I. questionnaires

Visit to create your My Service Canada Account