Mistake in EI reporting

Don’t worry if you have made a mistake in your EI report. All you need to do is to call EI call centre to let the Service Canada agent know where you have made your mistake. You will not be penalized or be accused of fraud. For example, if you have made a mistake reporting your net income (income after deductions) instead of gross income, that means you will receive more EI weekly benefits than what should have paid you. Therefore, you have to correct that mistake by calling EI call centre. What the call centre agent will do is to ask you for the correct amount and calculate to right EI benefit amount to pay you. If you have been overpaid, then the excess amount will be deducted from your next EI payment. The decision will be made right away usually and there will be no interruption in your EI payment.

Mistake during EI online application

If you have made a mistake during the application, you must also give a call to EI call centre. For example, if you have not reported that you are receiving CPP, what will happen is that EI will pay you your full weekly amount first, but then this information will be shared from pension office to EI office later. There will be an suspension in your claim for an agent to review your claim and calculate the overpayment. You will then have to pay back the amount owing. If you notify EI call centre within the 28 days processing time, interruption will not arise.