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EI topics

Common reasons why you have not received your EI payments and processing delay

Here are some of the most common reasons why people do not receive their EI payments. You have reached the end of your claim entitlement weeks, which means you have received all the benefits weeks you were entitled to. You may verify this information by login into your My Service Canada Account. If you still... ...

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How to easily speak to EI call centre agent

Call Instructions Service Canada EI call centre phone number: 1-800-206-7218 A way to quickly reach to a call centre agent is through the following steps: Once you called in and listened to the system message, press 1 for English or 2 for French. You will hear a general EI message (female voice). Wait until the... ...

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How to complete my EI report and clear a pending report

In this page Your obligation to complete EI bi-weekly report EI report step by step instruction Pending repot Your obligation to complete EI bi-weekly report 4 digits EI Access Code letter Once you have completed your Employment Insurance benefits online application. You will receive a 4 digits EI Access Code, by mail, within 1-2 weeks... ...

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Can I take vacation while on EI?

Can I travel within or outside Canada while on EI? Yes you can! Unlike many rumors out there that says you are not allowed to go on vacation, you are permitted to do so as long as you declare in your EI report that you are “away” or “not available to look for work”. By... ...

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Service Canada Holidays Closures

Please be advised that the Federal Government EI offices (call centre and in-person) will be closed to the general public on Monday December 26th and Tuesday December 27th, 2022.   ...

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Is EI payment deposited weekly or bi-weekly?

How does EI payment schedule works? Your EI payment is issued every 2 weeks after you have completed your online EI report. You will be paid either through direct deposit (within 2 business days) or by mailed cheque (up to 2 weeks). EI does not pay your 2 weeks in advance. Your bi-weekly EI benefits... ...

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How to apply for $600 of affordability payments in Alberta

Affordability Payments Alberta Program description The Government of Alberta is committed to helping Albertans with the rising cost of inflation and is introducing a new Inflation relief benefit for those who qualify. This program pay existing clients on AISH, Income Support, PDD, Seniors and Families with children under 18 with a one time benefit of... ...

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Studying / Going to school while on EI

It is not a problem receiving EI benefits while studying as long as you have demonstrated the following: You must show that you are unemployed, able and willing to work and actively looking for suitable work. You must show, without a doubt, that taking a course is not an obstacle to your active job search... ...

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2022 EI T4E from Service Canada

All 2022 T4E will be issued as of February 1st, 2023 Every beginning of the year, Service Canada will issue your previous calendar year’s T4E for your EI benefits paid up to December 31st (Cut-off date).  This slip must be filed with your income tax return for that tax year. The T4E indicates the gross... ...

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Studying while on maternity leave

  Am I allow to attend school while I’m on maternity leave? If yes, how will it affect my EI weekly payment? You are entitled to attend training school during the period you collect maternity benefits (15 weeks only). If your training course overlap to parental benefit period, you must demonstrate to EI commission that... ...

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Medical Certificate

When you are on EI Sickness benefits, you may be asked to submit your doctor’s note to Service Canada. Please do keep in mind that you need to retain your medical certificate for at least 6 years in case of an audit. Generally speaking, EI processing office will request EI claimant to submit a medical... ...

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2023 New Year Employment Insurance payment delay

Since the 2023 New Year holiday falls under a Sunday, the Employment Insurance office will be closed on Monday January 2nd, 2023. All EI claimants (regular or special benefits) may experience a delay of one or two business days in receiving their Employment Insurance cheques or direct deposit. Therefore if you have completed your report... ...

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2023 Service Canada Centre Statutory Holidays Closures

Please be advised that the Federal Government EI offices (call centre and in-person) will be closed to the general public on the following statutory holidays in 2023: New Year’s Day – Sunday, January 1 (Service centres closed Monday, January 2) Good Friday – Friday, April 7 Easter Monday – Monday, April 10 Victoria Day – Monday,... ...

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2022 Christmas Holidays Employment Insurance payment delay

Since the Christmas holidays fall under Sunday 25th and Monday (Boxing Day) 26th, the Employment Insurance office will be closed on Monday December 26th and 27th, 2022. If you complete your EI report over the Christmas weekend, you will receive the direct deposit on December 28 or 29th, 2022. All EI claimants (regular or special... ...

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2022 Employment Insurance Christmas early payment

Early Reporting covering the week of December 11 to 24th. If you have a reporting period ending December 24, 2022, you can submit your report early. This helps to ensure that you receive your payments on time during December 2022 to January 2023 winter holiday season. If you live in Ontario, in the Western provinces... ...

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EI Premiums for 2022
(New increase applies to claim established effective Jan 1, 2022 only)

Maximum annual insurable earnings: $60,300 as of Jan 1, 2022

Maximum EI weekly benefits: $638 per week as of Jan 1, 2022


 Record of Employment

The Record of Employment (ROE) is the single most important document in Employment Insurance. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) uses the information on the ROE to determine whether a person qualifies for EI benefits, the benefit rate and the duration of the claim. The ROE also plays an important role in controlling the misuse of EI funds. A ROE must be issued even if the employee has no intention of filing a claim for EI benefits.

To learn more about your ROEclick here

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