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Record of Employment reason for issuing ROE

ROE – Separation Code (block 16)   Code Description – A00 Shortage of work / End of Contract or Season – A01 Employer bankruptcy or receivership NEW B00 Strike or lockout – D00 Illness or injury – E00 Quit – E02 Quit / Follow spouse NEW E03 Quit / Return to school NEW E04 Quit... ...

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How does earning affects my EI?

  Under regular EI benefits, your weekly benefit is deducted roughly by 50% of your weekly earned gross income. This same rule applies to special benefits as well. Earnings paid or payable by your employer at the end of your employment, while you are receiving benefits or later for a period that benefits were claimed,... ...

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Service Canada Online Request Form

Service Canada email request If you are unable to reach EI call centre, there is an alternative way. Recently, the Service Canada has started an email service. You can send them a message through their online E-form portal. Service Canada centre agents will call you back to help you follow up on the status of... ...

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How to easily speak to EI call centre agent

Call Instructions Service Canada EI call centre phone number: 1-800-206-7218 A way to quickly reach to a call centre agent is through the following steps: Once you called in and listened to the new system message, press 1 for English or 2 for French You will hear a general EI message (female voice). Wait until... ...

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Studying / Going to school while on EI

New* – You may attend any type of training between September 27, 2020 and September 25th, 2021 without any interruption on your weekly benefits. It is not a problem collecting EI benefits while studying as long as you have demonstrated the following: You must show that you are unemployed, able and willing to work and... ...

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Am I allow to quit / resign work to attend school

You may be qualified for Regular EI benefits if you have voluntarily quit your job to attend an approved training course(s) referred by an authorized employment counselor or officer (e.g. Employment Ontario career counselor). Or else, you will be considered as voluntarily left your job therefore be disqualified for EI. Please refer to your provincial Ministry... ...

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Protect yourself against EI scam

Know how to recognize a scam claiming to be from Service Canada or 1 800 O-Canada There are many sophisticated frauds and scams in Canada – with new ones invented daily. Many frauds and scams attempt to mimic real federal government services to gain access to your personal and financial information. You should be vigilant when any person... ...

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New federal statutory holiday – Sep 30th, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

The Government of Canada is committed to reconciliation and ensuring that the tragic history and ongoing legacy of residential schools is never forgotten. The federal government recently passed legislation to make September 30th a federal statutory holiday called the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This day provides an opportunity for each public servant to... ...

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Starting a business while on EI

If you are thinking about starting a business or take on a self-employment work while on EI, there will be a determination that the claimant is considered self-employed, then the claimant’s share of all income from that self-employment/business is considered to be earnings Footnote5 , and may affect benefits payable. That is whether or not those earnings... ...

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2021 Labour Day Employment Insurance payment delay —

Due to national Labour Day holiday on Monday September 6th, 2021, all EI claimants (regular or special) may experience a delay of one or two business days in receiving their Employment Insurance and CERB cheques or direct deposit. Payment will be issued out on Tuesday September 7th and may take up to 2 business days... ...

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EI overpayment

What you should know In order to protect the Employment Insurance Fund, we are responsible for ensuring that EI benefits are only paid to eligible individuals. This responsibility is shared by all workers, employers and the Government of Canada. EI applications for which benefits have been paid or have become payable are reviewed regularly. These... ...

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How to prevent SIN fraud ?

  How to protect your SIN If you have a SIN card, do not carry it in your wallet or purse—store it in a safe place Never use your SIN as a piece of identification Provide your SIN only when you know that it is legally required Provide your SIN over the phone only if... ...

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I did not receive my EI Access Code

IMPORTANT: The 4 digits EI access code will no longer be useful to register your My Service Canada Account. You must request your Personal Access Code (PAC) separately. Click here to learn how to request your PAC. Once you have finished your EI online application, you will receive a 4 digits access code by mail... ...

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Converting EI sickness benefits to regular benefits

Converting from sickness to regular EI Once you are recovered from your illness and ready to start looking for work, you can request to convert your claim back to regular EI by calling EI call centre or re-apply online. This time, you have to submit another doctor’s note to confirm that you have been recovered... ...

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What is EI Antedate form?

In a situation where you have delayed your EI application with good cause or caused due to a situation that’s out of your control, you may submit the EI Antedate form to explain to the EI processing agent the reason of your delayed application. To do so, you must download the form online (INS 2987)... ...

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EI Premiums for 2021 Update!
(New increase applies to claim established effective Jan 1, 2021 only)

Maximum annual insurable earnings: $56,300 as of Jan 1, 2021

Maximum EI weekly benefits: $595 per week as of Jan 1, 2021


 Record of Employment

The Record of Employment (ROE) is the single most important document in Employment Insurance. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) uses the information on the ROE to determine whether a person qualifies for EI benefits, the benefit rate and the duration of the claim. The ROE also plays an important role in controlling the misuse of EI funds. A ROE must be issued even if the employee has no intention of filing a claim for EI benefits.

To learn more about your ROEclick here

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