Most people have wondered how long should they be working to qualify for Employment Insurance program. The answer is not about how long, but how many insurable hours have one accumulated in the past 52 weeks from their last day worked. When we talked about qualified cumulative hours, it is about all the hours that the person have worked from all the employers in the past year. For example, if the person have worked 4 different jobs, jumping from one to another, then it is all the hours from those 4 jobs combined that EI processing will use to calculate the claim. Of course, there are other eligibility criteria that EI processing looks at, but in terms of qualifying hours, this is the general rule.

Note: EI program does not count the ROE hours from a job you have voluntarily quit. This means, if you have 400 hours on your first ROE and have quit that job to move to another job, this 400 hours will not be counted toward your EI claim calculation.

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