If you have found a new permanent job and would like to stop your current EI claim, unfortunately you may not be able to stop the claim through your My Service Canada Account (MSCA). Here are 2 ways to end the claim early.

  1. You may declare that you have found a full-time work at your following EI report that cover the week you went back to work. Then the system will pay you up to the day before you went back to work and close your claim.

  2.  You may call EI call centre directly to have a call centre agent to stop your claim manually. This may be the only option for claimants who are exempt from completing their EI report. You may reach their office directly at 1-800-206-7218. For more information on how to reach the EI call centre agent smoothly click here.

Please keep in mind that once the claim is stopped, you will have to re-apply through the online application again if you planed to go back on your EI claim. Once your claim has been reactivated, you will be paid for the remaining entitlement benefit weeks left on your existing claim before it expired.