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It is created to provide general EI information only.


How to apply for Employment Insurance

Affected workers are encouraged to apply for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits online, as soon as possible, even without a Record of Employment.

Service Canada no longer issues regional reference codes with respect to flooding or wildfires claims.

You need your Social Insurance Number (SIN) to apply for EI benefits. If you don’t know your SIN or do not have a SIN, you can apply for a SIN or find your SIN number by following the steps outlined.

To process your application, Service Canada needs a mailing address and a residential address for you.

  • Provide a mailing address where you can receive mail (note: you can update this address later). For example:
    • friend
    • family
    • temporary shelter
  • Provide your usual residential address (even if you are temporarily living somewhere else due to the flooding or wildfires)

Important: To receive your EI benefits, you must complete and file your claimant reports online or by phone every 2 weeks.

To receive your payments without any postal delay due to flooding or wildfires, we encourage Canadians to register with direct deposit. Not only will you be able to access your payments more quickly, they will never be lost, stolen or damaged.

You can easily sign up for direct deposit online by sending an eServiceCanada request. A representative will contact you by telephone within 2 business days. For information or if you need to speak to an officer to complete your application, please contact the EI call centre at 1-800-206-7218.

If a client requires further support and assistance to access service, help is available through an eServiceCanada request. This is available online and on mobile phones.

Money from government, the Red Cross and other relief allocations

You are not required to declare money you receive from government, the Red Cross, an insurance company or a charitable organization in your report cards. Emergency relief funds are not considered income for the purpose of Employment Insurance. All other amounts must be declared.

If you do not have internet service

If clients do not have access to the internet or face other barriers, they can call the Service Canada Outreach Support Centre toll-free at 1-877-355-2657 to receive assistance from a Service Canada representative.


source: https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/corporate/notices/hazardous-weather.html