Parental Benefit

Parental E.I. is payable only to the biological, adoptive, or legally recognized parents while they are caring for their newborn or newly adopted child. To receive parental benefits, you must sign a statement declaring the newborn’s date of birth or, when there is an adoption, the child’s date of placement for the purposes of the adoption and the name and address of the adoption authority.

For biological or legally recognized parents, Parental E.I. can be paid from the child’s date of birth and can only be paid within the 52 weeks after the week the child is born or, in the case of adoption, within the 52 weeks after the week the child is placed with you.

For adoptive parents, parental benefits can be paid starting from the date the child is placed with them for the purpose of adoption. In cases where the child is not legally adoptable, parental benefits could be payable from the date you attest that you consider the placement a permanent one and that it is your intent to adopt the child placed with you at the earliest opportunity. In these circumstances, the Commission may, at any time, request proof certifying that the child for whom you are claiming parental benefits has been placed with you by a recognized authority and that the placement was not merely a temporary one.

How many hours do I need to qualify?

You need to accumulate a minimum of 600 cumulative hours in the past year, from the day you stopped working, to meet the basic qualifying hours.

How much E.I. weekly benefit amount will I receive?

Current maximum is $543 per week and is paid out every two weeks through direct deposit. Please refer to our E.I. benefit amount estimation page for more details.

You may receive higher E.I. benefit (Family Supplement) if you are low-income family. Read more.

How long do I have to wait to receive my first Parental benefit payment?

The typical wait time to process an E.I. claim is up to 28 days. You should receive a first letter mail (within 1 week), providing you with an access code and instructions to create your Service Canada online account. There will be a 1 weeks non-paid weeks before your first Parental benefit week begins. If you have registered for direct deposit, you should expect your payment to arrive roughly 1 month after your application. 

If you are sharing the Parental benefit with the mother of the child, you will not need to serve the 2 weeks waiting period since it has been served by the other E.I. claimant.

Do I need to complete E.I. report?

The online application will asked if you would like to be exempted from E.I. reporting. If you checked “yes” you will not have to bother completing your bi-weekly E.I. report. However, if you have made earnings during your benefit period, you have to manually call Service Canada E.I. service line (1-800-206-7218) and press “0” to speak to a live agent to manually deduct your earnings from your E.I. benefit from the specific week(s) you made earning. 

Please contact us if you have question about a specific situation you are encountering. 

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